Actress Paula Garces, Comic Con and Nerd Big announcements video interview

@paulagarces1 keeps great company at #sdcc2013. Her Character #Aluna gets great mentions behind @elireshaud director of upcoming #SupermanVsBatman & @josswhedon #AvangersAgeOfUltron.

Huffington Post Exclusive Interview with Actress Paula Garces on Aluna

Paula Garces Creates Aluna, A Latina Superhero, To Represent Latinos Watch AOL.COM EXCLUSIVE!

As the voice and brains behind Aluna, a Latina superhero quickly making a name for herself in the gaming world.

Paula Garces Creates Aluna, A Latina Superhero, To Represent Latinos  VIDEO   PHOTO

People Magazine Exclusive, Actress Paula Garces Expecting Second Child

@paulagarces1 will debut #babybump at #SDCC  San Diego Comic Con Allegory Booth  1621.

Vote for a chance to win $10,000. Just guess who killed Actress Paula Garces Character Flora of Devious Maids.

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Huffington Post – 10 reasons to watch Devious Maids and Actress Paula Garces made the list.

10 Reasons Every Latino Should Watch Devious Maids on Sunday Night

9). Paula Garces is in it! The beautiful Paula Garces, who makes every role she plays memorable (no matter how big or small it may be), is wonderful here as a maid who (well, I can’t spoil it for you!). But let’s just say she kills it…

Exclusive Daily News Interviews with Actress Paula Garces about Marc Cherry new Lifetime show “Devious Maids”

‘Devious Maids’ star Paula Garces hopes that despite the controversy ‘the Latino community will watch the show first and be proud that there are five Latina stars on a network series’

Aluna Trilogy Coming! Max Brooks (World War Z) artist, joins the team.

Watch #MaxBrooks #WorldWarZ artist #IbraimRoberson, show off his skills while drawing new #Aluna #art. Come pay us a Visit @ Allegory Media Booth 1621 @ San Diego’s Comic Con this July.

Paula Garces reveals the New Aluna Art

First time ever, Exclusive!!  The new Aluna art for @paulagarces1 upcoming trilogy books being written by none other than the team behind @assassinscreed & the upcoming  @arkhamcitynews story (Sekret Agent Productions )   The books will be published by Allegory Publishing who recently rebooted the iconic Speed Racer Franchise.  Stand by! because this is going to be awesome!!!


New Aluna Art for Trilogy

A Gift from Paula Garces to the Aluna fans

header Campaign for Aluna free books

As a token of my gratitude I’m giving you a free copy of the first digital issues of my Aluna Comic Books. I also want you to be the first to know that we have just teamed up with the Assassins Creed Writers to write the AlunaTrilogy. S2games, Assassins Creed (Sekret Agents Productions) and I will be at this years San Diego Comic Con In July ( Allegory Publishing booth # 1621) on Friday and Saturday. Stop by and say hi. Stay tuned to get more information and exciting news.

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